About Systema

We are pleased to welcome you on our official website of ancient Russian Martial Arts - Systema. This portal brings together schools from different countries developing Systema. Purpose - to allow these schools to cooperate on the international level, while maintaining the unique rules and technics of Systema, reinforcing this kind of martial arts and developing it.

Here you will find information about Russian Martial Art - SYSTEMA headed by M.V Ryabko, methods of teaching, training venues and seminars all over the world, videos, photos  and other useful and interesting information.

If you've never heard about SYSTEMA, then we advise you to start with this page "WHAT IS SYSTEMA".

SYSTEMA - a unified training and education in the form of physical, psychological and spiritual exercises that can be used for education and training of any person regardless of sex, age, physical condition, nationality, religion.