Moscow HQ

Skakovaya 36, Moscow, Russia

Stick Massage is available at Systema HQ in Moscow.

Stick Massage

provided this unique

treatment in a specially designed and fully equipped room. He can use a range of tools to address certain health problems

If you're used to standard massages available in spas and beauty parlours, you might be surprised at the range of tools we use for Systema Stick Massage.

Sticks - they are the main and most important tool for Systema Stick Massage. During the massage we use a few pairs of specially made sticks, starting from the thickest and working our way to the thinnest. The sticks help discover and release tensions accumulated in the body. 

Whips - Systema Stick Massage also involves the use of two types of Cossack whips: the long one and the shorter, thicker one also called 'nagaika'. Even though they are considered weapons, in skilled hands whips can be a great massage tool. They enhance the blood flow and assist in relaxing the muscles.