International Seminar in Riga

7 - 8 December 2019

To celebrate 10 years of Systema Riga and commemorate its founder - Dimitrij Tihomirov - we are organising a seminar with Mikhail Ryabko.

We are proud to invite you to a weekend full of Systema training coming from the very source. It's a unique and unforgettable experience to learn from Mikhail Ryabko himself.

Seminar location:

Hotel Jurmala Spa & Conference Centre

Jomas iela 47/49 , Jurmala, LV-2015. Latvia

Saturday 7 Dec: 12pm - 6pm
Sunday 8 Dec: 10am - 4pm
Each day will include a lunch break. 


Please register before attending the seminar. You can do so by email:

Please provide the following details:
- full name
- contact details
- payment details


Seminar cost:
1 day: €140 
2 days: €200 

Payment details:




Please, put your first and last name followed by "Mikhail Ryabko in Riga" in the payment description and notify us by email to secure your place.

While scheduling the payment please make sure that Systema Riga is not charged with the transfer fees. The full payment amount is due and you must cover all bank charges.

All participants of the seminar must be age 18 or over and in good health. There are no other requirements.
No prior martial arts training is necessary to attend the seminar.


Please bring clean gym shoes and comfortable training attire. You may also need extra clothing to keep you warm during breaks and while you're out and about.


Contact details:
For queries, tips and general questions please contact:
Justyna Pichlak


Ph no/whatsapp: +353 83 480 8866

For registration please email Edmons Dzigurs at:

Please visit our website for more info:

RigaStickMassage 2019.jpg

Systema Stick Massage is a unique massaging experience. The use of sticks helps reach and release deepest tensions, while at the same time giving you amazing awareness of your own body. Every massage is different as it is always adjusted to suit your personal needs.
During the massage you can expect your instructor to use various techniques to make sure you benefit from the massage as much as possible. Depending on the scale and type of tension in your body, the instructor may use a Cossack whip, a shashka and other equipment on top of the famous sticks.

*** Riga 2019 - Systema Ryabko Stick Massage ***

The rising popularity of stick massage is due to faster relief from pain and its unique deep tissue work.
Stick massage has been available in Ireland only for a few months and it is already rising in popularity rapidly.

Deep tissue massage therapy works down to the connective tissue that connects our muscles to our bones and organs. A lot of tension and chronic pain can be sourced within this connective tissue and without manipulation cannot be released. Many arguments state that a true deep tissue massage cannot be performed, but make your own mind up when you feel a difference in your level of pain,
mobility and flexibility.

Massage is a method of preventing and treating many diseases. Thanks to its extraordinary ability to neutralize the damaging effects of stress on the human body, it has become one of the most common areas of traditional medicine. Since ancient times, massage is the most affordable way to calm nerves and strengthen the mind as well as the immune system of the human body. It’s also beneficial for improving the shape of the body and losing overweight. Massage provides an opportunity to detect and eliminate hidden inner tension of the muscles around the spine, strengthening them and making the spine more elastic, thus correcting body posture. Massage with a specific form of rods made of different kinds of wood and other solid materials (environmentally friendly to humans) is an exclusive method of recovery SYSTEMA for stress redistribution, which results in a deep relaxation. The method relates to methods of removing tension in the muscles, restoring both surface and deep-seated muscles to health and relaxation.

The massage takes approximately 40 minutes, please book the date of your choice.

50 EUR


Ph no/whatsapp: +353 83 879 2800