Stick Massage Budapest 2018

Seminar in Budapest is also a great opportunity to experience a stick massage - a vital component of Systema and a useful tool for every Systema practitioner. Stick Massage gives incredible awareness of your own body and reached you to recognise and deal with accumulated tension. The benefits are endless.

Deep tissue massage therapy works down to the connective tissue that connects our muscles to our bones and organs. A lot of tension and chronic pain can be sourced within this connective tissue and without manipulation cannot be released. Many arguments state that a true deep tissue massage cannot be performed, but make your own mind up when you feel a difference in your level of pain, 
mobility and flexibility.


Massage is a method of preventing and treating many diseases. Thanks to its extraordinary ability to neutralize the damaging effects of stress on the human body, it has become one of the most common areas of traditional medicine. Since ancient times, massage is the most affordable way to calm nerves and strengthen the mind as well as the immune system of the human body. It’s also beneficial for improving the shape of the body and losing overweight. Massage provides an opportunity to detect and eliminate hidden inner tension of the muscles around the spine, strengthening them and making the spine more elastic, thus correcting body posture. Massage with a specific form of rods made of different kinds of wood and other solid materials (environmentally friendly to humans) is an exclusive method of recovery SYSTEMA for stress redistribution, which results in a deep relaxation. The method relates to methods of removing tension in the muscles, restoring both surface and deep-seated muscles to health and relaxation.
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