Systema Features

1. SYSTEMA incorporated all best features from technique of Russian national single combats, its origins and essence lie in centuries-long deep traditions of Russian heroic wrestling: patriotism, warrior spirit, defensive orientation.

2. SYSTEMA teaches a person to apply properties developed in him by these single combats: readiness, quick reaction, ability to concentrate own will for achievement of set goals, ability to quickly and correctly evaluate occurring situations, realistic evaluation of himself and partner, skill to turn the opponent’s own strength against himself, disinclination to aggression and violence, ability to control own actions and emotions on subconscious level, as well as high spiritual and moral qualities, not only in sports but also in other fields of life and activity. 

3. SYSTEMA’s objective is consistent and efficient education of active, self-disciplined, highly moral, patriotically oriented citizens endowed with spiritual and physical strengths.      

4. Distinctive peculiarity of studies carried out within the framework of SYSTEMA is good-nature relations between trainees, instructors and spectators. People visiting studies for the first time surprisingly note kind and careful mutual relations, smiling faces and absence of aggression. Moreover, after visiting studies the guests often noted improved own well-being, they felt themselves rested and relaxed. The reason lies in spiritual atmosphere of studies which is conveyed to those present.

5. The system’s technique includes analogues of practically all basic holds of oriental single combats as well as of boxing, fencing; however, practising all said kinds of single combats with the time shows the need of perfection. SYSTEMA is an exception from this regularity as it combines all the best from other single combats but exceeds them in spirituality, in simpler words, humanity. 

6. SYSTEMA enables a person of any age and any preparedness level to master applied skills and successfully use them in any situation.